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Are You Running A Valuable Business?

Just like you go to the doctor to get a personal health checkup, the Value Builder assessment provides a health checkup and valuation estimate for your business.

Data analysis from more than 15,000 small-to-medium size companies shows that improving your Value Builder score increases business valuation of your business by up to 71%.

Receive the confidential Value Builder Report, $$ Estimate of Value of your company, and your personal executive consultation to understand how your company measures up in your industry and which are the best leverage areas to improve your business.


Once you take the free assessment, Robert Hunt with Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas, will be in touch to review the findings of your report, discuss any gaps that were found, and help make a strategic plan on how to address those gaps moving forward.
Robert leads our Renaissance Executive Forums groups in DFW and has been helping leaders reach their personal and professional goals since 2013. He brings over 25 years of marketing, business excellence to serve the business owners of DFW. 

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