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No matter what industry you're in, The Value Builder System offers a structured methodology to boost the value of your company'

Michael Diercks, Business Owner

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So How Does the Value Builder System Work?

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Are You Running A Valuable Business?

Just like you go to the doctor to get a personal health checkup, the Value Builder assessment provides a health checkup and valuation estimate for your business.

Data analysis from more than 15,000 small-to-medium size companies shows that improving your Value Builder score increases business valuation of your business by up to 71%.

Receive the confidential Value Builder Report, $$ Estimate of Value of your company, and your personal executive consultation to understand how your company measures up in your industry and which are the best leverage areas to improve your business.

Value Builder Assessment Options

1. Value Builder Operational Report + 30 Minute Consultation
     28 Pages - $199.00
Doctors check your blood pressure because it is one of the simplest ways to discover heart disease without an invasive and
risky procedure. Likewise, the Value Builder Operational Report will evaluate your business as it stands today and give you
actionable ideas to focus your activities for improvement. With analytics from over 15,000 businesses, companies that
improve the Value Builder Score to 80+ get dollar valuation offers that are 71% higher than the competition. 
2. Value Builder Valuation Report + 30 Minute Consultation
     28 Pages- $299.00 
This report provides an actual dollar valuation range estimate for a business in addition to the information in the Value Builder Operational Report. This valuation is based on data analytics from all companies in the database, and is specifically tailored with respect to the companies specific industry. Click Here to Receive a Sample Report
3. Value Builder ½ Day Value Building Action Plan Workshop
    48 Pages- $2,750
In addition to providing the Valuation Report, the Value Building Workshop is a half-day session for leaders (and their staff) who are looking to make measurable business improvements. Facilitated by Executive Forums Silicon Valley, options and action plans to improve the business, the Value Builder score, and the company dollar valuation are explored. A forty-eight-page workshop report is used to explore the 8 value drivers, looking at the current answers (situation) and establishing better options for the company. A repeat valuation assessment is provided within one-year at no cost.

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